Tournament Structure

Teams of 5 people will sign up to play each other. The goal is to have 8 to 16 teams total in each tournament, but you can play with as few as 3. Games will be 4 players vs 4 players using a field of 40-50 yards by 30 yards with goals 3-4 feet wide.  Teams will play each other in elimination matches until the top two teams play in a championship game.

Uniforms: Encourage teams to wear matching uniforms or t-shirts with a message (chapters can reach out to other campus clubs and athletic teams to see if they want to participate and wear shirts that promote their own group).

Winning Team Award: As a chapter, reach out to local businesses to create a cool “winners’ basket. Ask popular restaurants or stores for gifts and items! Remember it will be split between 5 people.

Action Fair

Make it more than a soccer tournament! Turn the day into an educational and action opportunity for participants and fans. Have tables hosted by your group and other community and on-campus groups with educational materials and action opportunities to help end genocide and mass atrocities. Be creative with who you invite and what you display.

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