Tournament Beneficiaries

Funds raised through Kicks and Hope Tournaments will benefit Darfur United Soccer Academies (DUSA) and Central African Republic Peacebuilding Initiative

Central African Republic Peacebuilding Initiative

Following a violent coup d’état in March 2013, tensions in the Central African Republic (CAR) have run high. Though the roots of the conflict are not religious, recent violence has increased divisions between Muslim and Christian communities and militias’ attacks against civilians have forced thousands of civilians, many of them Muslim, to flee the country. Through a youth exchange program between CAR and Rwandan youth, and an on-the-ground peace education program in Bangui, we will create cross-continental dialogue between young peacebuilders, help confront identity-based tensions, and give seed money to young entrepreneurs aimed at growing CAR’s economy and integrating current and former child soldiers into CAR’s national economy. Money raised through Kicks and Hope Tournaments will support these programs and build a foundation for future peace.

Darfur United Soccer Academy

Using the power of soccer, the Darfur United Soccer Academy (DUSA) offers refugee children a safe place to play, move, heal, and be empowered. Through DUSA, male and female coaches become leaders in their communities, children ages 6 to 13 learn about health, education, and peacebuilding, and often for the first time, women and girls have an opportunity to play, and youth further develop their skills and chance of joining the Darfur United men’s and women’s teams.  For every $10 raised for Darfur United, one Darfuri boy or girl living in a refugee camp in eastern Chad receives leadership development, attends two or more trainings per week and participates in 4 vs 4 tournaments. The $10 also supports the salaries of four full-time coaches in each camp.